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Related article: From: (Denton Polar) Newsgroups: Subject: **New Story**: After School One Day (mm, pedo) part 1 Date: 15 Jan 1995 19:33:48 -0500 Organization: Internex Online, Toronto, Ontario, Canada Lines: 193 Message-ID: NNTP-Posting-Host: After School One Day (Part 1) Wilder I don't tend to think of myself as a fag, but for all intents and purposes I guess you can sort of classify me as one now. Oh yeah, me. My name is Jonathan... Right now (anyway) I'm 17, but I'm turning 18 in about a month or so. Anyway, back to me being a fag. I had just stepped off the school bus with my friends, Brad and Shane. 17 and I didn't have a car yet... How geeky. Although I guess if I had driven home I wouldn't have had as much fun as I did that day. Anyway, Brad, Shane and I got off the bus and started our walk home. We all live pretty far away from school, so by now school had been Freedom Lolita Bbs out for almost an hour and a half. We live in a pretty nice residential area, but it's a new development so it's sort of in the middle of nowhere. You get the feeling of isolation a lot, although everywhere you look it's nothing but big houses and nicely manicured lawns, right out of "Leave it to Beaver" or something. It was about 15 minutes walk home from the bus stop for all of us. Brad is a year younger than me, and Shane is about 2. They're both brothers, and live next door so we sort of hung out together since we were little. The street we were walking on had all of the backyards facing back along it, so that hardly anyone ever drove along back here. The backyards only occupied one half of the street however, as the other half had a pretty nice park running the length it's length. Lotsa trees, bushes, and then some patches of open space. Usually you'd see a lot of kids out playing in it, although it was Friday afternoon and you don't really tend to see anyone not right at home as soon as they're let out. Surprisingly though, we saw a group of kids off in the park. There were three of them, all little boys I could see pretty clearly from here. They seemed sort of conspicuous out there just sort of standing around as it's not often you don't see a boy of their age, maybe 7 or 8, running around screaming. "Wanna go check it out?" asked Brad, breaking my concentration. "I mean, they might be digging around or breaking something" he said, feigning concern. I could tell there was something more to his asking. Brad and I are closer in age than Shane and I. We had sort of "experimented" with each other when we were younger... You know, doctor, J/O sessions, but that was it. For a while I thought he was really cute and I sorta wanted to go farther with him, but by the time I turned 14 that had all passed as I turned my attention to something much cuter, girls! But I don't know if Brad had ever really progressed beyond that. Sure, he cracked all the regular jokes about wanting to fuck such and such, but sometimes I'd catch him looking at me out of the corner of my eye, or just staring at some niner kid. He had good taste though, I'll give him that much. He always seemed to make friends with the cuter niner boys. I figured he was gay, but then, well, I came across Alt.Sex.Stories and I sorta figured out he was a boylover, which really didn't bug me. I mean, to each his own. I never confronted him about it, but he always seemed like he knew I knew, but he just couldn't bring himself to tell me. If I were him, I wouldn't either. His brother, although younger is a little bigger than him, and a huge gay-basher. Every joke out of his mouth involves him making fun of fags or calling someone he knows "queer". I can imagine how hard it was for Brad because it was even a little grating for me. A sudden feeling of compassion came over me for Brad (it must have been an off day) and I mustered up all the conviction I could and said "Yeah, we should go check them out, just in case they get hurt or something". I didn't _like_ to lie, but I figured I'd give Brad a treat. It's not every day that he got to go spying on 8 year olds :). We set off for the last clump of trees where we had seen the boys disappear off to. As we approached, we noticed 2 things: 1. It was deathly quiet. No noise at all. If they were doing anything, they'd at least be talking or something. 2. We found their shoes sort of strewn about outside the bushes. Maybe they just liked running around in their bare-feet? Who knows. We went deeper into the tree line, and as we progressed we found more clothing. Some socks, each boy's T-shirt, their backpacks from school. Finally 3 pairs of shorts, haphazardly strewn about the dirt. "Guys, maybe we shouldn't go in here... Who knows what they're doing?" Ahh... good old homophobic Shane. You could always count on him to duck away from anything that threatened his oh-so-fragile sexuality. "Come on Shane," said Brad. "Don't be such a wus... Maybe they were just hot or something. Besides, it's not like it matters if they _are_ naked. We're all guys here, well, Jonathan and I are anyway, we're sort of worried about you" he finished his sentence with a knowing smile. If there's one thing that'll get Shane going, it's implying that he's less of a guy than anything, or one, else. "Fine! Let's go!" and Shane stormed Freedom Lolita Bbs off, although cautiously. Brad gave me a wink that hinted at more than a mere conspiracy of getting Shane upset. Dammit, how was I going to tell him I didn't _like_ him like that without hurting his feelings. Ah, we'll burn that bridge when we come to it. The final confirmation of Brad's premonition of them being naked came when we stumbled upon a couple of pairs of underwear on the ground. The POWER RANGERS logo emblazoned the crotch and I held back a giggle thinking of Jason, the gay red ranger slapped across some 7 year old's ass. Brad, trying to look inconspicuous picked up a pair of the underoos and started examining them. I'm not sure if Shane noticed the bulge in his pants or not at the touch of the child's underwear, but I did and started thinking maybe it _wasn't_ best if Brad encountered them naked. "Too late now" I thought, "let's just go find these kids." Brad, Shane, and I all crept forward as not to arouse anyone around us. We came upon the edge of a clearing and although we could see the clearing quite clearly, we were very well hidded by the brush. And what a site we saw in that clearing. Lying flat on the ground with his underwear around his ankles was a small boy, maybe 8. He had short, almost buzz-cut brown hair. His skin was pale and smooth, marred only by slight swipes of dirt from what had obviously been quite a rolling around on the ground. Between his legs and sucking away on his cock was another cute little kid about 8 as well. He was bent over, kneeling, so his ass and even his tiny little asshole was exposed to us. Brad moved around for a better view. This dark-haired little cocksucker was a lot more "weathered" than the boy being pleasured. He had darker skin which would have been mistaken for a tan or even dirt if it wasn't so smooth, even, and without a tan line. He was going away pretty heavy on the brown haired boy now, a loud slurping emanating from his lips. But my attention was drawn away from him very quickly by the third boy, standing off to the right. He as well was naked, and his blond-haired head was cocked to the side a little as he stood, watching his friend be sucked off by his other pal. He was playing with his small but hard dick, and he had a smile on his lips that was more attributed to nervousness than any kind of satisfaction he was receiving from his masturbation. I really haven't felt any kind of feelings to another guy, since, well, Brad. But looking at this boy before me, something happened. I wanted him. I wanted to hold him to my chest as I kissed his forehead, his perfect little nose, his lips. I wanted to press his Freedom Lolita Bbs naked body into mine, feeling his small erection aganst my stomach. I wanted to feel his small, tender lips caressing my cockhead, as my length pulsed in his mouth. I don't know why, but he was so hot, I had to have him. I looked over to Brad, who must have been having similar feelings for the boys. His erection was quite visible now, the bulge tenting his shorts out noticibly (he must have grown since I had last seen him) and he stared, almost panting at the children. He looked at me for a moment, and we both sort of nodded as we knew that these kids had to be ours. "Oh God" moaned the boy on the receiving end of the blow job, as he was quickly reaching what would be a dry, but intense orgasm. His small body shivered ever so slightly, as his toes curled up and his hands clenched at the dirt beside him. "Shh! Shut up! You don't want anyone to hear us do you?" shushed the smaller, cuter boy. But there was no stopping the little one on the ground. Shaking wildly he let loose a cry of pleasure that gave me goose-bumps and I'm sure almost made Brad shoot-off right there. I wanted to be free of my clothes right then. I was so horny for that hot little boy I didn't care if Brad came over and fucked me up the ass right now, as long as I could be near him. Looking over at Brad one last time, I nodded again and proceeded to strip off my clothing, Brad quickly following suit. "What the hell are you two doing!?" whispered Shane very harshly. I could tell this wouldn't be easy for him. Fuck him. I'd kill him if he stood between me and the little boy. "Listen you little prick" I whispered, stirring up as much anger towards him as I could, despite how fucking hot I was for this kid "If you breathe a word of this, to _anyone_ I will pound you so long and hard that you'll wish you were dead". Not a very good threat admittidly, but with the venom I put into it Freedom Lolita Bbs Shane just sort of whimpered as he nodded affirmative. Good, with that out of the way I stripped off my briefs and let my boner pop free. I'm not the biggest of guys, about 6 inches or so, but I don't mind too much. You take what you're born with. I thought I saw someone watching me when I turned to see Dave staring over. He was looking at my cock, and had his own out and was slowly stroking it. It was about 7 inches, but only maybe 3/4 as thick as mine. Neither dick was as attractive however as the little boys infront of us. Looking back over I saw that they had changed positions. My boy was on his knees, backside exposed with his cute puckered anus showing, sucking on the little dick of the boy who had just been sucking off his friend. That boy was on his feet, absent mindedly playing with his cock which was hard again. My little boy's stiff dick was hanging down between his legs, throbing gently. His little ballsack was small and drawn up tight. I couldn't take it anymore. Gazing at his little asshole I pictured what it would feel like for my dick to be embedded in it. I couldn't wait any longer. Stepping out of the bushes, I said in my gruffest voice "Hey, you kids! What are you doing?". No matter their response, I knew that I had them right where I wanted them.To Be Continued.=+=+=Um, this is my second story. I first did a simpsons one a while back that I actually am working on the second part for... I might finish it. I will finish this one however, provided any of you like it. Critisism, comments, compliments espescially are welcome.Wilder.
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